An Example of Why Cheaper Isn’t Always Better

Cheaper Does not Mean Better

I’m employed by a big insurance coverage company in the northwest, in an office with over 500 other employees. Administration recently decided to change our existing phone system as the old system was no longer satisfying our demands. I and also my colleagues were under the perception that they were going to update the system, as in “make an enhancement”, and that we would certainly have the latest phones with technical developments galore. But, were we in for an unpleasant surprise. The company decided that cheaper was better.

Complicating the Simple

One day, a few weeks earlier, we all received new phones on our desks. These were not the cutting edge interaction gadgets we desired. As opposed to the smooth, advanced, customer friendly, multi-line handling wonders of the modern-day age we all dreamed of, there was a straightforward phone with a keypad on the receiver … not unlike what you may have had at home 15 years back. Along with the brand-new phone, there was a sheet which clarified in graphically painful information specifically which series of switches one would need to push in order to make this feature effective. We needed to now punch up a number to place someone on hold, go into a 3 digit code to move somebody (one number, dial tone, 2 figures) and even get in an unbelievably long collection of numbers to access our voicemail.

Needless to say, we were in shock. I understood it wouldn’t take much time before the roars of whining would hush the normal workplace hubbub. Sure enough, by lunchtime our office supervisor was found trying to tell everyone that we were just going to “try it out for some time”, since the firm had conserved thousands by selecting this option. Myself and various other staff members were relatively particular that we had actually currently lost thousands in reduced efficiency that early morning alone. Oh, well … it’s their firm, we just generate the cash for them.

Smarter Heads Prevailed

For the following few days, we attempted to adjust to saying “hold, please, while I move you”, getting rid of the receiver from our faces and even attempting not to curse as we made a lame-duck effort at pressing keys, paying attention as well as pressing more secret codes. It was a nightmare. We were pretty fed up with it, yet simply presumed that this was just what we would  have to live with. Then, out of the blue, we came in one day to locate actual phones with actual features at our workdesks. Say goodbye to looking at the receiver while we frantically attempted to type in numbers quickly before we lost the call. No more 10 figure voicemail “pins”. No more of having no idea who was calling or where the call originated from. Ahhhh, alleviation finally.

Later the exact same day, we listened to a rumor circulating around the office that the VP of procedures had actually returned from a two week stay in New York. His words, upon seeing one of the phones initially purchased on his desk were, “eliminate them”. All it took were those 4 words from a ruler to establish and make things right. Extraordinary, but necessary.

Competing as a Small Business

Small Businesses

Everyday, consumers and entrepreneurs are bombarded with billboards, logos, print as well as electronic advertisements from significant companies. With yearly ad spending plans that are more than our businesses’ SALES in an entire year, our small independent businesses are getting squeezed out of consumers minds (as well as wallets) at a frighteningly growing number annually. Yet the good news is, there are means to eliminate, and “break the chains”:.

Building a Site That Improves Visibility

The Internet is one area where, compared to published and various other kinds of electronic media, the playing field is fairly equal. An internet site full of loads of fantastic material will be enjoyed by the search engines like Google and also Yahoo!, and also as a result of that, clients that could not also know where you are could locate you and even acquire online. If you possess a store, begin an e-store. If you owned and operate a dining establishment or a service-related place of work, offer a present certificate or discount coupon. Starting a newsletter on your internet site with the most recent news, occasions as well as special offers is a wonderful method to get (as well as maintain) dedicated, regular customers. The choices are endless, as well as best of all, material is the Internet king, not glossy, fancy, repeated marketing. If you typically aren’t comfortable with all things Internet, there are several firms that are, as well as could help you with website design, hosting, seo, and web advertising and marketing.

Join a Co-op, or Affiliate

“Strength in Numbers” is more than a catchy phrase, it is ending up being a requirement in our mainstream business environment. Trade companies can acquire products together to obtain much better prices as well as buys, they could promote along with direct mail vouchers and e-newsletters (another big money saver), and they lug a lot more political influence by designating reps to get in touch with state legislatures or perhaps Congress in order to provide regulations positive to little independent place of works. If your location does not have a profession company, or does, yet you feel it doesn’t satisfy your demands, begin one! The National Federation of Independent Business is a terrific resource with agents in all fifty states and even Washington D.C.

Don’t Resemble Corporate America

Advertising is not affordable, since the costs that the huge companies are willing to pay for it have actually priced it out of the grasp of a lot of small businesses. This is not always a bad thing; let them have every one of the cool, indifferent, beat you over the head repeated advertising and marketing! Home owner just appreciate this on Super Bowl Sunday anyhow! Always go for the personal touch. If you possess a dining establishment or retailer, present on your own. Let them recognize you value them coming by, and you can not wait to see them again. Constantly offer promo codes or incentives, and be as special, creative and memorable as you possibly can. Keep in mind that “word of mouth” advertising and marketing is so great you cannot place a price on it. Put on your own in the clients shoes, as well as remain there! Do not ever do what you desire; do exactly what they want. Do not simply market your business, market yourself. It leaves a perception, and with the sorry state of customer care today in a lot of (chain) place of works, individuals will not forget it!

Remember, you are an independent place of work because you intended to do something brand-new or unique, so provide yourself appropriately. Below’s to you “breaking the chains” and becoming effective with your picked venture.

Online Search Engine Optimization Web Crawlers

Web Crawlers

The terms internet web crawlers, automatic indexers, robots, worms, and even web robotics are programs or automated scripts which browse the World Wide Web in a systematic, automated fashion. The term internet spider is the most frequently used term. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) provides websites with the ability to be the best answer to the search question asked by the browser, and thus uses formulas that appeal to the “spiders”.

Web Crawlers are a Tool for SEO

Internet search engine use web spiders to provide around date information as well as info. Internet crawlers offer the inquired by producing copies of web pages that the internet search engine later processes. When the information has actually been refined, the internet search engine indexes the web pages and have the ability to promptly download the pages throughout a search. The process of web crawling is a crucial factor in search engine optimization. SEO is the art as well as scientific research of making websites eye-catching to internet search engines. Computer individuals call the process of using an internet crawler to rate an internet site spidering.

Some search engines make use of internet spiders for upkeep jobs. Internet crawlers can also be utilized for harvesting e-mail addresses. The web is an open sea of details. In 2000, Lawrence and also Giles made a research that suggested the internet online search engine have only indexed about sixteen percent of the Web. Internet crawlers are created to only download a small amount of the readily available pages. A miniscule sample of just what the internet needs to offer.

What do Crawlers do?

Crawlers retrieve and process information far quicker than any person possibly good. In order to optimize the download rate while reducing duplicate webpage results, online search engines make use of parallel internet spiders. Identical internet crawlers need a plan for reassigning new URLs. There are 2 methods to designate URLs. A vibrant task is just what takes place when an internet spider designates a new URL dynamically. If there is a set guideline explained from the beginning of the crawl that defines how you can designate new URLs to the crawls it is called fixed assignment.

In order to operate at peak performance web spiders have to have an extremely optimized architecture.

URL nominalization is the procedure of changing and also standardizing a URL in a constant fashion. URL nomalization is in some cases called URL canonicalzation. Web crawlers usually utilize URL nomilization to stay clear of multiple crawling of a resource.

In an effort to bring in the focus of internet spiders, and also subsequently improve the way they’re rated, webmasters are frequently redesigning their web sites. Many webmasters count on keyword searches. Internet spiders seek the place of key words, the amount of key phrases, as well as links.

If you remain in the procedure of creating a website, attempt to stay clear of structures. Some online search engine have internet crawlers that can not follow structures. Another thing some online search engine are unable to review are web pages through CGI or database -delivery, if possible shot creating fixed pages and conserve the data source for updates. Symbols in the URL could additionally puzzle internet crawlers. You could have the very best web site on the planet and also if an internet crawler cannot read it most likely won’t obtain the recognition as well as rating it should have.

Measuring the Listeners

Listening devices are out there in the millions, but did you know that many devices out there are made specifically to help enhance you Television experience? These devices, like those from AudioFox. are not only for those with hearing disabilities, but for the general population of TV watchers.

With wireless speakers for tv, each person can listen to the same show at their own individual volume. This will solve the problem of everyone wanting to hear the TV at a different volume. Also, you can now watch the TV at a good volume in the same room as someone who is sleeping without waking them. So whether you prefer to listen to a powerful sound or a softer, more gentle volume, checking out threes devices must be a great idea! Below, a few of the different types of listeners are looked at below.

Frequency Modulated Assisted Listening Device


  • Very good portability – they are mostly battery operated and can be stationed practically anywhere you please.
  • Wireless perception – Because no wires are involved, you can sit wherever you want while using this device. It can make watching TV a more comfortable experience than it is now.
  • FM signals pass through barriers – These Frequency Modulated Signals are not deterred by walls and ceilings, so you can now watch your TV from any room in the house.


  • Interference potential – Your FM system might have trouble with other devices that may interfere with its signals.
  • High Initial Cost – This is self-explanatory. While maintaining this device isn’t expensive, the start-up cost for it is relatively high.

Infrared Assistive Listening Devices


  • Excellent sound quality for speech and music – impressively good for watching TV.
  • Receivers are universal – These devices will work with practically any Infrared transmitter.
  • No interference – outside transmitting sources will not affect these devices.
  • Wireless – No wires necessary, so it doesn’t come with restrictive seating or anything like that.
  • Private sound – this sound signal are kept in the room instead of passing through walls, so if you want to watch TV privately, go infrared.


  • Portability is somewhat limited in most of these devices.
  • Outdoor use is not a feature of these devices. They are suited only for indoors.
  • Barriers obstruct signals – their sound signals will not penetrate walls, so watching the TV from another room might not work well if you are using an infrared listening system.

Induction Loop Assistive Listening Devices


  • These assist telecoil hearing aids well.
  • Wireless – Wire-free reception gives users the freedom to move about within a certain area while using these devices.
  • Each listener can modulate the volume on their own loop system.


  • Seating is restricted to a particular area.
  • Not very portable.
  • Signal strength might not be the best.

Understanding Black Hat and White Hat SEO

seoSearch engine optimization is processes and techniques a webmaster employs to improve the search engine rank position of their web site or web page. There are dozens of way to go about this and they are well documented and researched. There is however an ethical divide between acting within the guidelines of search engines, and acting outside of those guidelines.

SEO practices can be classified under two different sections, ‘black hat’ techniques, and ‘white hat’ techniques. Black hat SEO techniques that are often frowned upon as they are against terms and conditions of Google’s policies, white hat SEO expert techniques are strictly compliant with search engine guidelines. Obviously playing by the rules is recommended, it takes a little longer and a little more work to do things right, but it will pay off in the end.

Examples of black hat SEO

  • Keyword Stuffing –This involves cramming in your keywords as many times as possible in an unnatural way. Your content should be written in good English with correct grammar and punctuation. Search engine bots will recognize poorly written content and penalize your site for it.
  • Paid Back-links – Back-links to your site should be natural. Other webmasters should choose to link to your site because they feel its ads value to their site users if they know about your site. Buying links just to boost your own SEO is against the terms and conditions of search engines, it’s very likely you will get caught eventually and have your site de-indexed.
  • Doorway Pages – Pages set up to appear as part of the overall site map and search engine submission, but not available to users. All pages should be available to users on your site, hiding pages to gain rank is black hat.
  • Cloaked/Invisible Text – one of the oldest tricks in the book is to hide text from users by using the same color as the background or coding it to be disguised. This is a way to keep a natural flow of the content while adding additional keywords and other information that may not be relevant.

Examples of white hat SEO

  • 1% Keyword Density – keeping keywords to around 1% density in the content is a natural and favorable way of increasing your SEO.
  • Building Natural Back-links – Gaining back-links by sharing your content, being recommended and having other sites quote some of your information.
  • Good Formatting – Laying out content in a rich SEO format is within the guidelines and recommended. Adding header tags, spacing out content with multimedia and useful outbound links all help.
  • Page Loading Speed – Test the speed your web pages are loading, if its slow contact your hosting company and ask why, or take matters into your own hands and see what you can find.

If you’re looking for white hat Portland SEO, check out Epic Design Labs or watch the video below.